NexSMS Bulk SMS Messaging Platform

The easy to use, reliable and affordable SMS messaging service for your organisation.


With an easy to use interface, start sending your messages without hassle.


Instantly send messages. Get advanced delivery reports and only pay for delivered messages.


From 2.8p per message, communicate efficiently without costly investment.

Utilise the power of SMS

Use one of the most effective, personal and instant methods of communication to broadcast information. NexSMS is a simple but versatile tool for your organisation. Convey key messages to your customers, staff or community.

Get your messages across by taking advantage of the extremely high open rates of SMS. You can contact your recipients wherever they are, creating highly effective information communication and marketing campaigns.

The possibilities with NexSMS really are vast.

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  • A powerful, fully featured interface
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast account set up. Begin running your SMS campaigns without delay.


  • 800 network operators
  • 190+ countries
  • All continents

Inform your audience


Bulk SMS delivery is utilised by schools, societies, clubs, and a whole range of  other organisations who need to send important information to their recipients.

Send reminders, emergency updates, and any key information instantly to a large number of subscribers.

Create effective SMS marketing campaigns

Use one of today’s most effective channels for targeting your client base and marketing your service. NexSMS provides an instant, discrete, way to send out offers and promotions to your customers, wherever they are located at the time.

Broadcast messages to both existing, and potential new client bases in a professional manner.

NexSMS posts regular content on SMS marketing tips and advice.

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Affordable pricing

NexSMS Bulk SMS delivery accounts are designed to run on a pre-paid basis. The balance on your account updates as each message is sent, and our online interface allows you to easily manage your expenditure.

Volume discounts below our published rate are also available. Please contact us to discuss your campaign.

From 2.85p per message

We only charge on a per delivered message basis.

If a message can not be delivered within 48 hours of being sent, your account is automatically credited for the undelivered message.

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