Many businesses can experience a plateau in customer numbers, and it can seem difficult to break past this point and continue expanding a customer base. However, with the right techniques businesses can thrive and continue to gain more customers. Here are five examples of innovative methods which businesses can implement:

#1 Start Blogging

Blogging is an incredible way to build relationships and create a buzz about your business. Businesses should begin by blogging about topics that tie in with their services, and that will be relevant and appeal to prospective clients. Though blogging takes a time investment, as it must be carried out consistently in order to succeed, the results can be immense and a much wider audience, who otherwise may have been entirely unaware of your business, can be reached and guided to your services.

#2 Create a social media presence

It’s undeniable that businesses need to start capitalising on the social media trend if they haven’t already. Consumers are spending a huge amount of time browsing social media, and there is now big money in social media advertising. But whether you choose to simply create a presence using tweets and status updates, or develop a sophisticated social media advertising strategy, you can really benefit from creating a social media network under your brand. If you already publish articles or blog posts to your website, social media can be a great way to get these noticed. Clever social media campaigns can bring your brand to customers who didn’t know about your services before, bringing you more customers.

#3 SMS opt-ins

A very simple, but extremely effective manner in which businesses can boost their customer numbers is by getting them to opt-in to receiving offers and discounts via SMS. Display ads with prompts to text a keyword to your organisations SMS number can lead to a flood of interested consumers if you can work your marketing in the right way. Many businesses use SMS opt-ins to cast the net among consumers and let the customers come to them. The key thing in SMS marketing however is to have the right strategy for your business.

#4 Use a loyalty program

A good rewards scheme is an excellent way to market to your potential customers – this will make them feel part of an exclusive group whilst simultaneously providing them with the opportunity to save money. It is important for customers to feel connected to businesses and establish a relationship where they feel valued as customers. Loyalty schemes provide the opportunity for businesses to appeal to people who want to become a part of something.

#5 Sponsor good causes

Sponsoring causes can help boost people’s perceptions of a business and can lead to an increase in revenue from new customers. It establishes a positive image of a socially-conscious business and helps shape the attitudes of potential customers. Businesses can benefit massively from sponsorships by using this as a potential marketing and branding tool to make themselves known, and known for the right reasons.