RestaurantSMS can be utilised by a range of businesses in a number of great ways. Here are a few examples of different departments which could incorporate SMS messaging into their communication with customers and potential messages they may send.

Restaurants and Bars

SMS messages can be used as a means to communicate with customers and inform them of any special dishes that may be on offer today – as texting is instant they will be notified immediately, unlike an email which may not be read until several days later, by which point it’s too late. Notifying them of ‘specials’ may encourage potential customers to book a table if they are enticed by the particular dish on offer.

“Catch of the day: Today ONLY we have some succulent scallops straight out of the sea! Book a table for tonight and save 25% off your bill.”

Event Management

SMS acts as a particularly effective tool for event managers, as it enables them to maximise attendance to events and keep guests reliably informed about the occasion.

The low-cost involved in SMS messaging is also particularly enticing for those in event management as organising a conference or event requires a lot of time and is often expensive. Therefore, sending a cheap SMS reminder prior to the event can increase attendance and simultaneously provide an excellent opportunity to promote a business’ brand or product.

“Dear Miss Taylor, We are very excited to see you at our event tomorrow! To make sure you can find us, here’s a link to a map and public transport routes: [link]”

Retail Shops

SMS messaging is very effectively used in retail to instantly notify subscribed customers of an upcoming sale. 95% of SMS recipients will read the message within two minutes of it being delivered, thus ensuring they’re aware as soon as you want them to be.

It is very easy to increase the number of customers subscribed to your retail business’ SMS list through the use of SMS shortcode opt-ins, through either your website or in-shop advertisement. This allows shops to develop a value group of loyal supporters and is a low-cost, effective way to increase foot-fall to their website or store.

“Receive Exclusive Sale Previews and Free Delivery on us! Text SHOELOVER to 54035.”


SMS marketing provides hotels with an extremely effective platform via which to communicate with their clients. It gives them the opportunity to send pre-visit messages to customers which have already booked a stay and also allows them to notify potential customers with updates of reduced-rate last minute availability of rooms.

Hotels could not only send pre-visit messages expressing the hotel staff’s excitement to welcome the guests, they could also deliver messages after guests have checked out, thanking them for their stay and wishing them a safe journey home. This personal touch shows the hotel care and makes the customer feel valued, therefore increasing their chances of returning.

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Thank you for your stay, we loved having you and would have you back in an instant! Hoping you have a pleasant and safe journey home. Hotel Estrella.”

Many SMS providers offer individual two way messaging too, so if hotel guest were to reply with any more feedback or questions, a conversation could still be had between the customer and the organisation.