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The benefits of a mass text messaging service for a business can be huge, and will vary depending on the nature of each organisation. Below are five examples of how bulk SMS delivery can be used to add value to a company and its interaction with its customers.

Send useful reminders

Today’s consumer is always on the move, and can benefit greatly from quick reminders about arrangements and schedules. A bulk SMS gateway can be used to inform customers about the time and location of an appointment or meeting. Reminding a customer of a booked event such as a fitness class or a consultation, can really improve their perception of the company, especially if they were likely to have forgotten the arrangement. Reducing the number of missed appointments can also save a business time and money. More information here.

Boost sales with SMS marketing

A bulk SMS service can be a very effective way to directly market new products and offers. Unlike telemarketing or email campaigns, bulk SMS advertising can provide a quick and unintrusive way of increasing interest in a product and boosting sales. Businesses can and should take advantage of the fact that text messages are more likely to be opened than emails.

Notify customers when something goes wrong

A bulk SMS message may be the best way to explain an interruption to a customer’s service, such as a system crash or power failure. If your organisation relies heavily on other forms of communication, mass text messaging can provide an excellent back up route to inform your customers of any problems.

Confirm agreements made over the telephone

A mass text messaging service can be a quick and easy way to confirm a purchase or an agreement made over the phone. If a company offers a large set of purchase options, a bulk SMS gateway can be a great way to confirm exactly what has been offered to a customer after a sale has been made. This can easily be automated by using SMS API integration.

Keep customers up to date and regain their interest

Loyal customers appreciate being kept in the loop, and a bulk SMS delivery service can help keep people interested in your campaigns and services. Advertising flash events or short-term offers by text message can be a great way to re-spark interest in your services or products. SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers.