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With the continual and fast paced development of mobile communications we see today, businesses need to keep track of, and capitalise on the ways their customers communicate. But despite the huge growth in the use of instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Skype, using SMS is still thought to be one of the best ways for organisations to broadcast a written message to a large client base.

Bulk SMS delivery is a way of sending mass text messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously. Customers are much more likely to open a text message than they are an email. SMS marketing via a bulk SMS gateway is a powerful way to gain the attention of a large audience instantly at any time. Other mediums of instant message communication such as Facebook messenger, are still used regularly on customers mobile phones, but such applications often are not suitable for use by businesses or other organisations.

A business that utilises a bulk SMS gateway takes advantage of the fact that SMS comes as standard on all mobile devices, and comes naturally to users as a way to communicate – SMS is the most popular communication method in the world right now. Gaining the contact information required for other instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp or its biggest competitor, Line, can be more difficult if users are identified by usernames. Mobile phone numbers are more freely offered by customers, who often know their phone numbers from memory and expect to provide them to businesses and organisations when they subscribe to a product or service. These factors make bulk SMS delivery a wise choice for those trying to identify and communicate with a large audience through text.

Keeping customers updated when a service is interrupted is also an important issue for many businesses, and a mass text messaging service can be useful when other forms of communication are down, or if a business relies on being online to function. A mass text message service provider can allow a business to keep its customers informed about any unexpected situations.

Instant messaging applications may well have become the primary method of text communication for many users, but businesses require a more reliable and familiar method to communicate with their customers, especially where they need to send a message to a large audience. It’s for these reasons that SMS is a great option for businesses. The advantages of bulk SMS delivery mean it is still the go-to method of instant text communication for many organisations.