SMS marketing is expanding and evolving as a platform through which businesses can target potential customers and communicate with existing customers. SMS messaging enables businesses to reach their customers faster than ever before, and also provide a simplistic but effective manner in which to circulate information such as offers or new campaigns.

Even with this increase in SMS marketing we see today, most businesses are yet to exploit the full potential of SMS messaging in terms of re-marketing opportunities. Retargeting clients who have expressed interest in your products or services in the past is an extremely effective tool which can reap immense profits for a business.

Re-marketing effectively enables businesses to reconnect with their customers, by letting them know that these services or products that they were interested in are still available, and are now perhaps even more obtainable for them. It’s a way of showing your customers that you noticed them and that you care. For instance, if you browsed a pair of designer shoes online on a number of occasions, but didn’t follow that up with an actual purchase then perhaps you were unsure about whether you were willing to part with that much money. If said business then texted you a discount code, or an alert letting you know that those shoes were now on sale you’d be much more likely to revisit and make the purchase. Re-marketing is effective because it is extremely personal, your business is connecting with individual customers.

Remerketing has been done very effectively in the past by using SMS messaging. With the help of API integration (Which isn’t as complicated as it might sound), businesses can re-market products to customers by sending information or discount codes to their mobiles. Here are some reasons why SMS re-marketing can work so well:

Texts remain in our inboxes: Unlike emails, which most people delete and deem as junk even prior to opening them, texts will remain in your customers inboxes for prolonged periods of time. This means that unlike a marketing call which they may forget, or an email which gets moved to spam folders, they will come across your SMS message on multiple occasions when looking at their messages; the text is readily available if they remember it at a time of day they wish to use it.

SMS messaging isn’t as irritating: Providing the texts are delivered at appropriate hours, they are much less likely to frustrate your customers than an inconvenient phone call or yet another email to sift out of the never-ending mass of junk that we get bombarded with every day. Unlike phone calls, texts don’t demand anything of the customer other than to be read, which in itself is brief due to the 160 character limit – so the reader knows exactly what’s being offered within seconds and whether or not it is of interest to them.

Requires fewer resources to carry out: As a business it can be costly to employ hundreds of staff to carry out re-marketing calls catered to each individual customer. SMS re-marketing can save companies a lot of money and simultaneously prevents customers from feeling pestered by inconveniently timed phone calls which are far more time consuming than reading a simple text. All a business requires to perform SMS re-marketing is an organised customer database and an efficient messaging program – fast, simple and cost-effective.