iphone_coffeeSMS keywords are words comprised of letters (and sometimes numbers) which can be delivered to a short-code (a short-code is effectively a shortened, highly memorable mobile number). Keywords are usually used by businesses to make sense of all the messages that are sent to a single short-code, because one short-code can serve multiple messaging functions! Keywords allow a business to efficiently identify what it is a customer or staff member is communicating, based on which keyword they have sent. The beauty of this is that a business can build up an amazing network of sophisticated, automated SMS interactions; something that’s a lot easier to set up than most people think, and can greatly improve business processes.

Because a keyword can be programmed into an automated system, which sends back a corresponding SMS message, or does some other automated function, the different uses of keywords when combined with an business system are endless. Keywords make it easy for businesses to create sophisticated interactions between individuals and their website, application or back end system.

Obtain new customers

SMS keywords are most commonly used for opt-ins; a process where customers text a keyword to a number to opt-in to receiving a coupon code, offer or for further marketing messages. Keywords may be unique words or names which customers can use in order to interact via a short code with a business or brand. Keywords allow multiple businesses to share one short-code number, something which can make SMS messaging much more feasible for a business worried about the cost of using an SMS service. For maximum effectiveness, keywords are chosen wisely depending on their purpose and their memorability. When a client sends an sms message containing a keyword to a company’s short-code number, it enables businesses to automatically add their number to their database of opt-in contacts. This is an extremely powerful way to gain new customers.

Enhance Your Commuications

Mobile keywords provide endless opportunities for enhanced business communication. Businesses should strive to use keywords which are both unique to their services and easily recognised by their customers. SMS keywords often act as the focal point of SMS marketing campaigns, therefore keywords will yield convenient, essential interactions between a business and its clientele.

Businesses can also utilise a number of different keywords in various promotions and across different media platforms, thus allowing them to segment their mobile market and track which keywords are the generating the greatest number of hits and therefore which are the most effective.

The number of opportunities that SMS marketing keywords provide businesses is limitless and can hugely help the growth of marketing campaigns. Businesses can build their databases of customer mobile phone numbers through the implementation of mobile alerts, surveys, competitions, voting systems and many more sophisticated SMS marketing techniques. When customers are provided with the opportunity to use SMS messaging as a means to communicate with a business, it increases the reliability of the business considerably, as they are able to contact each other instantly.