phone and grassBusiness SMS providers can provide any organisation with a unique virtual number.

Virtual numbers allow organisations to receive inbound SMS messages as well as send them. Such numbers exist without the need for a SIM card or phone – everything can be done via an online platform – thus offering a highly reliable and organised system for your business to use SMS messaging. If an organisation acquires a unique Virtual Number and sends a number of texts to subscribers, they can also choose the name they want to be displayed on the recipients message (normally the name of the company).

How does a Virtual Number work?

  • A customer or user sends an SMS message to your organisations virtual number (usually in reply to a previous message).
  • The organisation then receives this message to their preferred location – for example their email address, or to an online portal (yes, SMS to Email is a real thing).
  • Upon receiving the text, organisations can easily send the individual a reply via their Virtual Number with no need for a mobile phone.

Organisations who use Virtual Numbers are therefore able to receive incoming messages wherever they prefer them to be delivered to (email or their own mobile phones for example) and reply to such texts quickly (either manually or automatically). In addition, it is also very simple for organisations to connect their SMS platform to other software that they already have, via the use of an SMS API, thus making it a perfect method for sending automatic SMS notifications such as appointment confirmations or alerts and updates on a service.

Benefits of using a Virtual Number

  • Two- way SMS conversations – e.g. customer services, requested tracking updates, customer comments or queries, responses to delivery dates, appointment cancellations etc.
  • Having your own dedicated number for your business. No sharing with other companies or organisations.