Mobile marketin strategyIn order to promote a product or service and thus grow as a business, marketing to audiences on mobile devices can result in huge growth. Almost every single customer will own a mobile phone, therefore SMS messaging (being a low-cost, high-return marketing system) is becoming established as one of the most effective methods to convey or offer content to consumers. If you know how to do SMS marketing right, it can bring real results, drawing in new customers and retaining old ones.

Spend and get campaigns can be particularly effective when included in an SMS message, as they can massively increase the average spend made by customers. For instance, if a supermarket had customers who on average spent £100 per visit, an SMS message including the offer “Get £20 off when you spend over £150” can be extremely effective. This can result in customers visiting the store being inclined to spend £50 more than they usually would in order to get £20 back. If such an offer is delivered in bulk SMS messages, then businesses could increase their revenue significantly as a result of a simple text.

Structure your offers wisely

Sometimes it can be better to try to broaden your customer base at the same time. Businesses such as hair dressers for example might send out a message such as as “Get your summer look with 50% off your next cut if you recommend a friend”. This is far more effective for business than texts like “£10 off your next cut and blow dry”, as it can result in a new customer whilst simultaneously bringing an existing customer back in to make another purchase. And this is the key here. When drawing up your SMS mobile marketing strategy – businesses should ask themselves whether their offer or promotion could be stuctured in a way that could bring even more business in.

Make it urgent

Creating exclusivity/urgency in mobile marketing is another excellent way to increase the success of a campaign, for example by including an expiry date alongside a tempting offer. If people know they have a matter of hours or days to make the purchase then they are much more likely to act. Customers who may have previously considered purchasing a product or service now feel urged to act immediately upon receiving such an appealing time-limited offer.

Make it current

In addition, businesses could also make their SMS campaigns relevant to goings on at the time of their delivery, as SMS messaging is instant. For example, if a heat wave is currently taking place a store might send a text with the following content ‘BEAT THE HEAT. Free tower fan when you spend £150 in store.’

Re-market your products and services

Many businesses can benefit from SMS re-marketing, which involves re-marketing products or services to customers that have showed interest in them previously. In today’s world this can be sophisticated and efficient. For example by using SMS API integration, a business can Integrate SMS into its checkout system on its website – sending a text message to customers who added something to their basket but then didn’t follow through with their purchase. You can imagine if you’d been looking at a new dress or pair of football boots online, and where then offered another 10% off after deciding not to buy, you might change your mind!

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